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(And I still cannot believe this board doesn't give Glennon more props for his play last year)

They aren't alone as the expert's don't either.

That's simply not true.  For instance:  IMHO, Glennon has Flacco potential.  That might not excite many, but it's fine by me.  I'd also be fine if we somehow draft a QB next year.

Only in Tampa is Glennon hated on, nationally it's not the case. To me seems like a certain radio host slammed him from the start and the sheep in Tampa followed suit.  I don't know what people expected last year either, wasn't the plan for him to play that early.

Yea he's no Russell Wilson. I mean really what could we expect? Luck? Kaepernick? Yea I see how it's hard to expect much from Glennon given other teams experiences.

Luck is cut from a different cloth than most- that's why he is considered "once in a generation".  However, if you put Wilson or Kap in the exact same situation Glennon was in last year as rookies I firmly believe they both sh1t the bed.  Glennon didn't.  He isn't as athletic as either or them, but he is better in the pocket than both of them.  I am perfectly content (have posted as much many times) moving forward with Glennon.

Yes, but look what Seattle's defense did the best pocket passer in the Super Bowl.  The game is changing towards more mobile QBs.  I'm not saying they need to get a "running" QB, but they need someone more mobile than Glennon.  Hell, even McCown is more mobile than Glennon.  Would make sense to get one this year.  My hope is they get either Carr or Jimmy G tonight and trade Glennon for a 3rd or 4th.

Glennon and the Buc's Oline are far better then Denver's!

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