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Tom Krasniqi ?@TKras Lovie says Glennon is still the QB of the future #Bucs

Well, that kinda reassures me that we'll be taking the highest rated DLineman first round in the 2015 draft.

Why believe a word they say at this point?No way in hell would the Glazers let him pass up on a QB if they are rated as a franchise guy.

Because Moe, Larry and Shemp haven't made many moves that have given me any confidence that they are competent. Their last involvement with a franchise qb, let me correct that, their last involvement with a p.o.s. qb, that some former d.c. turned h.c. buffaloed the three stooges into believing that he was a good qb, backfired so badly that I believe Lovie will sell them on "there are no guarantees coming out of college" and use Freeman as a prime example. He'll dazzle them with smoke and mirrors and make them believe that slow but steady guys like McCown and Orton will calm the waters while he rebuilds the defense.And then DL is the first round pick for the Bucs in 2015

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