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My prediction…we finish in the toilet, bottom three team, draft Winston #1 and put some ‘JUICE’ in the  offense to optimize this years draft, Evans, ASJ, Herron, Sims and the two OLinemen. After Winston, I think they go ALL defense, edge rushers and MLB, so that’s four spots, the rest could be Olinemen who are projects, like this years two picks but those four plus Dotson equals 5 starters in two years. In theory, the RB’s would be Rainey & Sims, maybe James. WR’s VJax, Evans, Slot Herron. TE’s ASJ, and a 5th round blocking TE draftee. Rest of the picks, DB’s and FS/SS. Middle Tier FA’s signed for a year or two for depth with all up front deals. Stabilize the defense and offense next year. Draft like hell the third year and we should be OK. Need an OC and Special teams coach. Let your depth guys be your ST players. Cut some more fat next year, Bowers, Koenen, etc the obvious ones we all know. We shall see

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