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I cant, he's helping his team in the playoffs again.

his team with a dominant defense?

yep, that one, where a good defense is supported by the 10th offense in the league. lovie ever combine a top defense and offense on the same team?

not sure, but this is wkipedia:"Smith and the Bears’ management drew criticism in April 2006, by trading away their first round pick and drafting five defensive players.[12] The preseason criticism increased when he named Grossman, who struggled to move the Bears’ offense during the preseason, as the Bears' starting quarterback.[13] Grossman led the Bears to seven consecutive victories, but struggled during the later portion of the season. Smith stood by Grossman, stating "Rex is our quarterback" when questioned by the media.[14] The Bears finished the 2006 season with a 13–3 record, earning the NFC’s top playoff seed. The Bears finished the season with the NFL's second-ranked scoring offense, and fifth-ranked overall defense.[15]"

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