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No way Jay comes to Tampa with the family history. Lovie would be OK provided he leaves the offense alone and Tedford can devise an offense according to the roster's strengths. But Lovie did the opposite in Chicago. I also would prefer an offense-minded coach that has at an average defense. It's the way of the league now.

I get that, but doesnt it concern people that tedford is responsible for some of the worst qbs to enter the league, and only Rodgers, after sitting and being redeveloped,  is the only one to do well?

he's responsible for how players play when he's NOT the coach?  How about when he was the coach he got a LOT of guys to the NFL?  Not sure I follow the point you're raising

point im trying to make is, he got guys hyped up in college for draft time, but it appears only one had “it”I'm sure I'm not saying it well, but smith, carr, etc were flops. possibly due to their career surroundings,  but that many flops seems like hes a guy meant to stay in college, that he doesnt have the ability to get guys ready for the nfl.

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