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Lovie is a "name" and our fans are fools, that's the only reason people are excited about this. Why don't we just hire Clyde Christensen as our next head coach? Wyche, Dungy, Gruden, Raheem, Schiano.......I'm sensing a pattern. Looks like Lovie will be the guy (for the Schiano haters to make excuses for) next year.

Wow, race baited and Schiano apologized in one post. Nicely done.

Race baited? For stating a fact?Oh, I forgot...pansy liberals such as yourself always resort to that argument. Carry on. Can you believe Zimmerman faked those injuries? Not a scratch on him!

I am a conservative and I disagree with CBW all the time, but he is right here.  You are an idiot racist troll ..  and worse . .  a fucking COWARD for retreating from your racist post when CBW called you out

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