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when picking potential HCs, Bucs fans think its still 2002? . . .  since when are the Bucs so good that Lovie is a definite no go? How about we get to "respectable" before we worry about nuclear Super Bowls? Like it or not the Bucs are starting over

So we should hire hoping for mediocrity instead of doing what the 31 other teams do and try to find a guy that will take us to the promised land sooner rather than later.

all I read is a bunch of "no Lovie" and not any "no Lovie because Coach "X" is available," . . . but to your point  . .  . since when in Buc land is going to the SB and playoffs "hoping for mediocrity"? Have you been watching the team the last few years? I am not even a big Lovie fan, I dont know enough about him to be a big fan, but come on . . 4 or 5 division titles in 9 years, 84-66 record, NFC Champs . . . . does that sound like "mediocrity" to a Buc fan?

4 or 5 division titles huh?That's impressive, considering he only had 3 in the 9 years in Chicago where did the extras come from?1 playoff berth in his last 6 seasons as HC while in a division with the Vikes & Lions, having one of the worst offense in all of football during his tenure, way to go, that's elite right there. No need to strive for more, we have our guy.  ::)

who said "elite" you said "hoping for mediocrity"  lol.  Lovie has THREE division titles in 9 years . .  we have ZERO in how many years?  He took the team to the SB, right? Do you disagree with 84-66?  lolBtw, who is the "Coach X" you are offering as an available better alternative for our "not even sniffing mediocrity" team?

I said elite because if you aren't looking to be the best why are you even trying, if you are willing to settle for mediocrity get the hell out.Also talk about a strawman, we don't have division titles so Lovie with a few must be good?BTW we have 2 division titles in the last 9 years and that was good enough to get 3 HCs fired, with that being the case you'll have to excuse me if I'm not impressed by 3 in 9 years & just 1 in the final 6 years as the league became more and more offensive minded.Lets see this is an increasingly offensive league where the aim is to make the playoffs and get in the hunt for a chance to win a Super Bowl, so our great plan is...A guy that hasn't won the Super Bowl. (Can't really hold that against him because it's damn tough)A guy who made the playoffs once in his last 6 seasons as a HC despite being in a weak division. (Hows he expect to get past New Orleans, Carolina & a healthy Atlanta if he couldn't consistently put the Vikes and Lions in their place when they were real bad?)A guy whos Bears ranked 31st out 32 teams offensively during the overall period of time he was HC.I like the guy and am thankful for what he did for the Bucs in the past but he's a garbage hire in todays NFL and his hire essentially writes off multiple seasons until we decide to try to find a guy that will get us to the promised land.In terms of who that guy is, I don't know who that is but you don't always have to have the correct answer to know when the one somebody else is offering is wrong. I don't know what 12,144,141,444,352,321 x 46,534,327,357,435 is off the top of my head but I damn sure know just by looking at it that the answer ain't 3

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