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Bruce Feldman ?@BFeldmanCBS 1mCan confirm report that Jeff Tedford is set to go with Lovie Smith as his OC on smith's next head coach job, per source

Why would Lovie allow that info to be leaked? Why would Tedford allow it to be leaked and possibly take him out of the running for other jobs if Lovie hasn't already been hired by someone?

Because Lovie's agent is selling that Lovie is the perfect pick.  Just like the Kubiak report could be Kubiack's agent or even the Bucs pushing back . .lol  Seriously though. all of the Lovie tweets scream Bucs and Glazers becaue the Glazers often go to the far extreme when  they turn over coaches.  Lovie's tweets scream NFL experience . .  Rod Marinelli too . .  and dont worry about his offensive track record because he's got Tedford"

Lovie sounding a lot like what Marty did lat year.  Really wants a job.  Not so sure he's aiming it at us though.  And if he is it would be because we haven't shown interest so he trying to generate it

could be he's aiming somewhere else, even using us as leverage . . . who knows

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