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My main issue with Lovie is that he is so focused on defense.  He hasn't shown the ability to field a good offense whether that was his "fault" or not, after 9 years as HC you would think he'd have gotten something at least respectable going on. I want our coach to be an offense guy.  The league has changed and continues to change.  The rule changes still haven't reached their full fruition.  People are still learning how to exploit them.  And there will be more changes coming down the road as Gooddell continues his quest to turn the NFL into the NBA.  It is going to get harder and harder to succeed based off of a good defense as having a "good" defense is going to become harder and harder to achieve, and will have less and less impact as time goes on.I worry that Lovies' success in CHI wasn't just his ceiling, but that he actually overachieved a bit with a fair amount of luck.  I don't like being dependent on an OC for our offense because that means losing that OC once they become successful.  I'd rather  have stability on O than on D.

fair point, not knocking it, but Seattle has a great defense and top 5 or 10 running attack and a 26th passing attack (I think)

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