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when picking potential HCs, Bucs fans think its still 2002? . . .  since when are the Bucs so good that Lovie is a definite no go? How about we get to "respectable" before we worry about nuclear Super Bowls? Like it or not the Bucs are starting over

So we should hire hoping for mediocrity instead of doing what the 31 other teams do and try to find a guy that will take us to the promised land sooner rather than later.

all I read is a bunch of "no Lovie" and not any "no Lovie because Coach "X" is available," . . . but to your point  . .  . since when in Buc land is going to the SB and playoffs "hoping for mediocrity"? Have you been watching the team the last few years? I am not even a big Lovie fan, I dont know enough about him to be a big fan, but come on . . 4 or 5 division titles in 9 years, 84-66 record, NFC Champs . . . . does that sound like "mediocrity" to a Buc fan?

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