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The problem with those examples is that Lovie has had a LOT of time as a HC, and has never shown he can "win with offense".  You would think that if he was going to learn how it wouldn't take  a decade to do it.Lovie's a good guy and a good coach.  He's got a lot of good reasons for hiring him and I wouldn't be surprised or upset if we did hire him.  I just prefer a different direction that I think will have better results.  He's a "safe" pick to me.

I appreciate and do understand your concerns. They are my worries as well and trust me no one places a higher preium on having a strong passing game than I have over the years. I am not saying he can win with offense or is willing to just that being a "defense guy", and Dungy was for years and years here, doesn't condemn you to being a bad offensive coach.  I have the same worry that he's not gonna be able to let go of it the way Dungy and bellichek did. I think the Tedford thing shows a willingness to reach beyond his "comfort" zone and gives me hope.

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