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Would agree with everything except first pick.  No way we pick a QB at 7.  Not even Bridgewater.  Also, I would love to see us pick up Telvin Smith from FSU in the third of fourth.  He's a baller.

I'm having trouble on my submit-to-win mock draft. Who are the Texans taking for sure?Who is Jared Allen signing with?What are the contract numbers for Julian Edelman this year?Can I get those winning lottery numbers again?What stocks should I invest in?Since you know it all and are just too awesome to be a GM, I'd like more of your wisdom please.

Here's the million dollar question I have for you mr. genius - Why do you have such a disdain for Glennon??  Please premise any response with the understanding that he played last season for a crappy coach, on a team with a lot of injuries, on a franchise with a ton of side show type circus crap going on.  Also, he was a rookie and was rookie of the month for the month of November.  As a side note, Texans take Clowney and it's not even up for discussion.

I don't have a disdain for Glennon. It seems you don't know everything.

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