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I refuse to listen to any mock that has teddy going past five. Not going to happen.

Didn't help himself a the combine. That's for sure. Pro day could be a different story. However, scouts know what he is all about on the field. They have the tape. The only thing the learn from the combine is his medical/physical condition and they learn about the cerebral part of his game through the interviews. Well, it was the interviews that he bombed, allegedly. He will get another chance to meet with folks at his pro day and will need to do a better job. If not, then I can absolutely see him slipping out of the top five. He lacks the size and arm strength of your higher echelon QBs. He has decent mobility and is accurate. He is a pretty good QB and probably a better prospect than Manziel and Bortles....but that doesn't mean that the top teams aren't willing to take a better player at another position and let the cards fall where they may in the top of the second. Seriously, how much further ahead are guys like Bortles, Manziel, Bridgewater, from Carr, G-Rop, the eyes of NFL teams? I'm thinking it is less than most fans think. That, we don't know but will find out soon.

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