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S&B,Thanks for providing this article.I don't put a lot of value into it as author states character as his first evaluation tool on a top 5 prospect. Eh, if we drafted guys off character as a priority guys like AJ McCaron would be first overall picks.Addtionally, the opinion that Mariota has better pocket presence/poise is silly. I am not sure I have seen a QB perform better in crunch time than Jameis. I believe even the strongest supporters of Mariota on this board would concede it is generally excepted Jameis has excellent pocket presence (exceeding that of Mariota), and poise. Furthermore, to suggest that Mariota is more accurate despite having lower completion percentage and being asked to do less in terms of downfield throwing is just silly. Winston's 70% completion rate is a videogames statistic. Oftentimes, due to significant talent difference, NFL receivers have to be expected to "go up and get it" and QBs are expected to make jump ball throws. Trying to put Mariota even close to Winston's level in arm strength is crazy silly too. Mariota rarely makes aggressive throws so it is impossible to predict how he would be at the pro level in this category. Mariota just isn't asked to rely on arm talent as Winston is. I think its clear we can measure Winston's arm talent, we cannot measure arm talent on Mariota. Trying to paint a portrait of similar size between the two is silly as well. 15 pounds is a significant amount of weight in fighting class and in football. Maybe Mariota can grow into that 6'4" frame but right now, Jameis is better equipped to handle the stress of NFL hits.Character is clearly the thing weighing Jameis down. I am sure if Jameis was squeaky clean like Mariota, the majority of fans here, as well as all analysts would have Jameis as the consensus #1 overall pick. I think it comes down to, do you think Jameis will grow up, or do you think he will be out of the NFL in 1-3 years?

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