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I think Warren misunderstands the role of character or he's just straw manning it up. You check character as a pre condition to taking a player. You don't use to to include but to exclude. If a guy is Aaron Hernandez 2.0 you do not even bother with the guy no matter what his skills are. This would be all the more so at QB as we've seen with  Russell and Freeman who were not so much criminal as dumb a$$es. Winston might be the former but the is a lot of evidence of the latter. On accuracy, do not tell me you are looking at college completion % to define accuracy. The author makes clear what he means by accuracy and a completion really isn't what it is all about n

What other measurement is there to determine accuracy on a collegiate athlete? Freeman was a career under 60% at college same deal here, streaky accuracy rhythm thrower. Is Winston clearly lacking in the character department? Sure. Can I say that he wont pull a Russell or a Freeman? No I cant. That said, heres a guy that has pulled some boneheaded stunts. I can honestly say during my college time, and I am sure many others on this board would agree, I pulled some boneheaded stunts. Did I rape anyone? No. Has Jameis raped someone? We don't know. Maybe he didn't do anything to this girl. He was never charged so there clearly was not even probable cause to believe that this alleged crime occurred. Those not familiar, police need probable cause to charge someone or for them to be indicted. In a percentage type system, probable cause would be defined as around a 38-42% chance a crime has been or is being committed. So the police during their investigation determined that the chances of a crime having been committed here are very very slim. How many athletes have been accused of these types of crimes? Is it this something to hang your hat on when considering drafting him? No. Is immaturity to be taken into consideration? Yes. Call me crazy but I am rolling the dice on character over skill. Thanks.

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