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I also like both. There are a lot of trade offs between the two that has to be considered. With Winston I dont think theres a question on how good his game will translate to the NFL. Hes flat out fundamentally(besides throwin motion but who cares?) a good QB. The concern is whether he’ll be a consummate professional or out until 3am doing stupid stuff. He has also gained a lot of weight since entering FSU so Id have to wonder if theres any potential problem there. With Mariota you know your going to get a Vjax like pro, but there is more of a question mark regarding his game. Put Winston on the Bucs and itll feel really similar to the Notre Dame game for him where his Oline was not doing a great job and it was very hard fighting for a win but he ultimately did his thing and won. Put Mariota on the Bucs and it wont resemble any game hes ever played. How much does that matter is the major question. but Mariota gives you the elite mobility so if our Oline sucks as usual maybe Mariota is one of the only guys out there who wont be completely handicapped by it.

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