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I like Marcus. That Oregon offense and that meekness are football concerns, but the kid is good. I wonder if the Bucs get Marcus, what Lovie plans to do to the offense?  Oh yeah...nothing. What a waste that would be. Watching Marcus get swallowed up by horrible offensive linemen (Lovies awful at Oline evals...I liked Olin Kreutz but the guy should have been called for a false start on nearly every snap, IMO...back in the day), would be awful. He wouldn't be able to scramble as effectively because it would all be improv, and not designed runs. Lovie isn't going to runs spread, read option offense. Which is what Marcus does. Again...the scheme he played in absolutely matters. It is not to be overlooked. It made him look monstrous, because he was the ultimate QB skill wise for that style. So he tore it up as a result of that. Plus the defenses he faced were not on level of the SEC. It isn't.  I can't wait to see him play FSU. Win or lose though, it is one game. If he wins it, it won't change my mind hat I feel Crab Rape is a better fit for the Lovie led Bucs. The team has no mouthpiece. The conversations between Marcus and Lovie would be the cure for Jon Gruden (and my own) issues with sleep deprivation. Hahaha!  Wow...what a snore fest the meetings would be. Jameis brings that passion this team lacks. No fire or spirit. Both are good candidates. But the Bucs truly truly need to fire Lovie if they draft Marcus. I'm telling you, he will be wasted as a Buc under Lovie. Superstar spread offense QB with the most dim witted offensive mind with uber conservative game plans is a wasted pick.

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