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Bill Barnwell wrote a great article on the bull**** that is the “It Factor.”, he argues that there's no such thing as the "It Factor." It's just a way to say, "This guy is winning more than his skills say he should." And it's a great way to draft busts.  Here's a quick list of quarterbacks that, at one time or another, were labelled with the "It Factor" by sportwriters, players, coaches, or NFL executives:Vince YoungMark SanchezMatt LeinartColt McCoyTim TebowChristian PonderJosh FreemanBrady QuinnJimmy ClausenJake LockerFrom Barnwell's article:

Coaches swear up and down that they’re looking for a guy with the It Factor and how they can see it in a player by looking in his eyes or having a conversation or watching him practice. Every team in the league that might have been interested in a quarterback talked to Tom Brady and Russell Wilson. They saw each of them work out at the combine. They saw them on game tape and talked to their college teammates. And yet, because Brady’s arm was too erratic and because Wilson was too short, every team in the NFL passed. Presented with the most obvious It Factor guys in football, not a single team trusted their read enough to snap up Brady or Wilson with their first- or even their second-round pick. The next time you read about somebody having the It Factor, remember that the professionals couldn’t see it even when it was staring them in the face.

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