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I am 50/50 on them both right now. They both have their good points and bad. So, you just have to roll the dice on one of them and hope for the best. This is assuming we pick #1, which is no lock right now. This time Sunday we could be picking 3-5.I like Winston's game, dude can read a defense, has the arm. Mariota has skills, and is squeaky clean. But he will require a young innovative OC, which we don't have right now. Maybe someone from the Oregon coaching tree would be a home run.

did i type that?

I saw a Mariota interview Saturday morning. And to be honest, was not impressed. Dude was real soft spoken, almost kind of shy, low key. Zero swag.But hey, maybe he turns into a great player, we shall see.

He definitely comes across as timid which is one of the major knocks against him. On the flip side, dude seems like he'd put in the work and lead by example. Tough call.

People dont like to hear this as they think pro QBs are robots but, he will be so much further away from Hawaii that I do think he will wilt psychologically.  He's a west coast QB for sure.

You're just reaching for anything now. It's sad really.

Keep trying to convince yourself that things like this dont matter.  You must not have watched the ceremony last night.  He's has a Momma's boy factor that can't be denied.

better to go with the flawless Winston right?

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