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Well but Winston's sophomore year is wildly unspectacular unless you think "Wins" are a QB stat which a shocking number of people do.Completion % down, ypa down, TD's waaaaaaaaay down, INT's way up. Put simply if you hadn't seen 2013, based off 2014 would you think he is a top draft pick?


Yeah, Winston was not responsible for those wins in any way.  He didn't play nearly flawlessly in every second have game where he needed to.  To apply stats is one thing, to deny that he great play directly effected the outcome of 5 of the 6 come from behind wins is just silly.  I've said it before. If you hate him because he plays for a rival that you can't stand, I get it but he is a leader all day every day and finds a way to win games like few before him.

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