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I love watching people take sides and point out the flaws in each QB and how they will be detrimental to their careers. Yet, they agree to pick a QB with the top pick without question. SMH. They're both the point where those flaws may be insurmountable at the next level. Bucs HAVE to do their homework. Stop acting like drafting one of them is a "no brainer" and no, "roll the dice" doesn't fly with me when it comes to the most important pick in franchise history.

So the "the most important pick in franchise history" and you don't want to address the most important position on the team. Every prospect has flaws. But, these 2 are the most highly rated prospects since Luck. But, because they're not a 100% lock; you'd rather go with a LT or DE despite the numbers that suggest they have a bigger bust factor than QB's. Great Logic!!!!!

Picking one of them should not come without scrutiny and diligence in scouting.  The "just pick one of them, I don't care" mentality is absolutely idiotic. Do the homework, bring outside consultants, meet with the players multiple times, explore trading options. All of this should be done and the decision should be made late, after assessing every single option they have. That is my stance. I don't care how high they are "rated". There has been no consistent success with spread-option QBs in the NFL and after the Freeman debacle, this franchise should be extremely wary of a QB with off-field issues. Bringing a change at the QB position doesn't mean that the team will be better off for it. How is that so hard for you to understand?

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