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Bill Barnwell wrote a great article on the bull**** that is the "It Factor."Basically, he argues that there's no such thing as the "It Factor."

Lets see, who to trust?  Bill Barnwell or Bill Parcells?Parcells recently said, the "it factor" is what makes the whole franchise QB thing so frustrating. You do all your homework, you like all his measureables, and then the guy falls flat on his face because he doesn't have the intangibles. And he said, maybe some day there will be a way to measure a QB's intangibles, but for now, its a crap shoot.

I'm gonna trust the mountain of "It Factor" guys who failed miserably in the NFL.

That is the problem. No one can measure "it factor"You don't find that out until the guy is in the league already. [RG III]

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