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Spoken like a fan with nothing to lose.  I love how "scared and safe" is what you call doing your due diligence. Yet, if we do pick one of these guys, you'd be the first on the "fire the coach/GM" bandwagon. So happy you're not in this front office. YOU act as if drafting a QB 1st overall is the best and only to procure a franchise QB. I've got news for you, if Conner Cook declares, he has just as much if not a better chance a being a franchise QB than either Winston or Mariota. And I'll say it again, just a few years ago, Geno Smith was the top-rated QB in the draft. Last season was supposed to be an amazing QB crop and maybe Carr is the only one showing something right now (who was generally lambasted by Red Boarders).Again, I get it. We need a QB. However, just drafting one of these two doesn't mean that it will solve our problems. The Bucs have some homework to do.

Spoken like a fan who is gutless and afraid. Again, the FO is going to analyze both of these prospects. And more likely than not, both of these guys will grade out to be 2 of the top 3 prospects coming into the draft. Again, nobody is saying that these guys will bring instant success. You seem to cling to that argument as tightly as you do the sack of mediocrity. Funny how you assume that I'll be "the first on the fire the HC/GM" bandwagon. I'd much rather our FO take a swing on a QB prospect that they grade out to be a top one, than tuck tail and roll with the crap that we currently have (which you seem to be happy and content with). God help us if we have guys like you in the front office, but considering our penchant for a subpar product on the field; I wouldn't be shocked if you were apart of the brass.

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