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I must have been busy that day.....Can someone tell me the story behind 3sk's sig about Mason Foster knowing? I've seen it referenced a few times, always wondered about it

There was a thread which essentially called out Mason, and I of course being a Foster fan delivered my completely bias retort. It was a little back and forth, and it of course ended with me resorting to childish tactics as I would usually being more of the simpleton blood. I set out to find or rather make a sig pic and got a pretty cool render of Mason's face on a sig using my pre-windows 95 print artist skills. But I needed a little tag line with it, so I look up an article where Mason was talking and the article started with "I know" or at least his response to a question anyway. By placing an ellipsis after "I know" denotes there is more written. What is that Mason Foster knows you ask? It quite simply put does not matter. All that matters is that he knows. The end.

Wouldn't say I called him out, just asked if everyone thought he was the MLB for the future. Didn't know you were such a fan 3sk. Like I mentioned in the thread, not asking for him to be cut, just move a little to his right so Shazier can fill his rightful place as our MLB for the next 8-10yrs.

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