Re: Re: Mayock has lost it: “Goff-Wentz as good, maybe better than Winston-Mariota”


This is the guy that the league's network hangs all their draft analysis around. I always enjoy listening to Mike talk prospects, but my respect for his opinion has been on a downhill slide for several years now.

That's where I am too.  Was a big fan in his earlier years because it seemed like he really put in a lot of work.  I imagine he doesn't put in the time as much any more and it really shows in his evaluations.  His opinions are straight up bad these days.

NFLn likely has him spread way too thin. I'm sure he does not spend nearly as much time watching prospect film as he did 5 years ago. I also wonder how much of his evaluations are about playing the media game now, given his position. I doubt he ever had to worry about keeping the interest level up, and that may be a factor he is now required to consider.

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