Re: Re: Mayock has lost it: “Goff-Wentz as good, maybe better than Winston-Mariota”


It's possible that he's referring to the combination of the two sets of QBs. If you think about it, Mariota might drag the overall score of the Winston/Mariota combo because of his pro style offense short comings. Goff/Wentz might just be a better Pro QB prospect combo.Not saying I agree with him, didn't even read the article, lol.

Actually Bucky Brooks (and no one disagreed) thought Mariota had a higher ceiling than Winston.  It's easy for fans here (as for fans everywhere) to be very excited for Winston and feel he's arrived.  But if you remove his rookie tag, he had a mediocre season for a bad team that's been a bottom feeder for almost a decade.Now, before I get attacked, I think Winston's (and the Buc's) future is very bright.  But if I'm on the outside looking in I'd expect the same old Bucs until proven otherwise.

Daniel Jeremiah certainly disagreed.  Did a whole podcast on the two with Winston being his preference.  From what I recall, Brooks preferred Winston as well but did say that if everything went right for Mariota's development, he does have a higher ceiling.  In the end he liked Winston more though.

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