Re: Re: Mayock has lost it: “Goff-Wentz as good, maybe better than Winston-Mariota”


It's possible that he's referring to the combination of the two sets of QBs. If you think about it, Mariota might drag the overall score of the Winston/Mariota combo because of his pro style offense short comings. Goff/Wentz might just be a better Pro QB prospect combo.Not saying I agree with him, didn't even read the article, lol.

Actually Bucky Brooks (and no one disagreed) thought Mariota had a higher ceiling than Winston.  It's easy for fans here (as for fans everywhere) to be very excited for Winston and feel he's arrived.  But if you remove his rookie tag, he had a mediocre season for a bad team that's been a bottom feeder for almost a decade.Now, before I get attacked, I think Winston's (and the Buc's) future is very bright.  But if I'm on the outside looking in I'd expect the same old Bucs until proven otherwise.

But you can't remove the rookie tag.  That is in fact, what makes what he did so special

Yes, you can.  The "rookie" label gets people excited because you naturally assume progression.  The assumption is: "Winston was this good as a rookie, how good will he be in a year or two?"You can't make that assumption.  Look at Michael Clayton: 1200 yards as a rookie and he never broke 500 after that.  Or Cadillac Williams.  Or look at RG3 - he probably had the best rookie season at QB ever.  Look at all the rookie of the year winners ( For every successful rookie (Adrian Peterson, Cam Newton) there's a bad player (Sam Bradford, Vince Young).

Well, there are some QBs that regress, but that's usually one of two things, they had injury plagued careers, or their mental makeup or physical skills didn't translate to the NFL and defenses quickly figured them out (see Tim Tebow).  Winston's mental and physical abilities translate perfectly to the NFL, so unless he gets hits by injury, he should progress very well.

But you can only see that in hindsight.  No one expected Sam Bradford, RG3, Vince Young, etc. to fall apart.  There wasn't a soul who expected Michael Clayton to never again reach 500 yards after his rookie year.

Injuries can only be seen in hindsight, though some players have a playing style or physical build that might precipitate those injuries.  Vince Young's inability to learn an offense insured his decline.  His Wonderlic and the simplistic offense Texas was forced to cater him with were solid indicators of that. 

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