Re: Re: Mayock has lost it: “Goff-Wentz as good, maybe better than Winston-Mariota”


I don't think it's about clicks with Mayock - this is a guy who I'm sure has been pushed to do twitter for years by his bosses and basically has refused (he's on it now, but barely). I think it's much more simple - QBs are hard to evaluate. Just because Mayock is an educated tape-watcher doesn't make it any easier. I like Mayock quite a bit and his legacy is important. Kiper created an army of draftniks, but Mayock played a big role in educating a new group of them on the intricacies of film.

Straight forward: Sorry, this is naive.  Mayock is a company man.  No Twitter? Fine.  That's not his deal anyways, his deal is to sit with Rich Eisen and talk about guys in spandex for 30 hours in 4 days, then sit with Rich Eisen a month later and talk about the same guys, now suits instead of spandex, for 30 hours in 4 days and reassure the general public that their team is getting better.A comment like this has zero impact on his legacy.  It's completely risk free throw away that has nothing but a positive impact on the NFL's bottom line- nobody's going to call this comment up in 5 years to prove him wrong.  And if they do, so what, "QBs are hard to evaluate.".  The only tangible outcome from a comment is increased interest in the draft.  It's a perfect move for the NFL.  Mayocks "legacy" is already so well established that it is now a tool for the NFL, and they'd be stupid not to use it.  There's no devious scheme here either, it's a plain and simple harmless tactic to drum up interest where, currently, there is none. Yes, "evaluating QBs is hard", but don't get wrapped up in Mayock's safety net and miss the real purpose of a comment like this.

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