Re: Re: Mayock has lost it: “Goff-Wentz as good, maybe better than Winston-Mariota”


Anybody that wonders why we have the Ryan Tannehills and Sam Bradford of the world while RGIII is looked at as poison, look no further than the line of reasoning exhibited by this poster.And I told you there would be posters like this after Winston was drafted because there were posters like this after Newton was drafted by the Panthers in 2011. Constantly acting as though what Winston has accomplished is not that big of a deal and constantly questioning whether Winston has proven anything other than being a mediocre QB in the NFL.If you go right now on the Titans' message board you cannot find a poster who doesn't think that Marcus Mariota is not a franchise QB. If you go on places like Reddit you will find a vast majority of the poster believe that Marcus Mariota is destined to become a top 3 QB in the NFL in the future. And certainly no one thinks or as mentioned Marcus regressing.Yet you have posters like the above comparing Winston to busts and saying that Winston's rookie campaign is really not that impressive if you strip away the rookie label...This is despite the fact that Winston had a better rookie season than Marcus.Ladies and Gentlemen this is nothing new. There was this constant presence on Panther's board about Newton's rookie season really not being that good and that he was destined to regress and be out of the league in 3 seasons tops.So when you wonder why a Kaepernick can go from a Superbowl to people actually thinking Gabbert is a better QB than him. The above poster's line of reasoning is why.When you are constantly looking for avenues to diminish a QB that you never cared for in the beginning yet look for excuses for the QB that you have always liked for the get go...You get a NFL where Brock O. is viewed as a 35 million dollar guaranteed QB after 7 mediocre starts, and Tyrod Taylor is one bad pass from permanently being benched. Where Jay Cutler is viewed a as a 100 million dollar franchise QB while Russell Wilson is viewed as nothing more than a minor part of the Seahawks success. Where Matt Stafford is viewed as a top 10 QB stuck on a terrible Lions organization, but Cam Newton is viewed as barely a starter being carried by his awesome defense.In 3 or 4 years when people are asking how is it that Winston is not worthy of a franchise QB contract yet has taken his team to the playoffs repeatedly, set NFL and franchise records, leads one of the best offenses in the NFL, and has been the pillar of class in the community...meanwhile, the Titans are about to make Marcus Mariota a 250 million QB for accomplishing about as much as RGIII has to this point...Please remember posts like the above.

Serious question...were you crying as you typed this?

Ha! Great stuff Donkey!If Marcus is about to be a $250 million QB , then I'd say it will be around 2030 before the Titan ever really compete again.  Dude is going to plain suck out loud. 

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