Re: Re: Mayock has lost it: “Goff-Wentz as good, maybe better than Winston-Mariota”


For example, the difference between Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles is that Bridgewater had to PROVE that he is capable of being a QB in the NFL. The ASSUMPTION is that Bridgewater is not capable of being a QB and therefore he has to prove and prove it consistently that yes he is a NFL QB.For Bortles, it is just the opposite. He has to prove that he is NOT a NFL QB. The assumption is that Bortles is an NFL QB and instead he would need to prove over and over again that he is not a NFL QB before his team is willing to move on from him.This is the reason why Kirk Cousins was given exceedingly more deference and rope than RGIII despite the fact that Cousins was setting NFL records for INTs in the fewest attempts. Cousins came into the league with the PRESUMPTION that he was an NFL QB. A luxury, despite being far more accomplished and talented, than RGIII got.

you examples are crapola.  What's all this prove for vs prove against with bridgewater and bortles?  You are just making stuff up.  The only thing that bridgewater has to prove is that he's not a toothpick and he can throw in the wind.  Those were valid questions considering his size and his proday.Cousins came into the league as a 4th rounder - rg3 came into the league with a team giving up the farm for him.  What kind of BS are you spewing?  The reason that cousins has succeeded so far and rg3 has failed is leadership and work ethic.  Nothing racial at all - leadership and work ethic.

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