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This hurts like heck, I feels like this season is almost over -- and I guess it functionally is-- but there is a half season of football for Glennon to have a chance to grow and progress. You don't pull the plug on that no matter where Glennon sits right now.

Now he can grow and progess ??You've already stated , many times , that when you read between the lines on Glennon's metrics it proves he is simply not that good , so your comment that we need to keep playing him makes no sense.You are talking out of both sides of your mouth.If you are correct , which I'm starting to believe you were , then it doesn't matter if we pull the plug . He is what he is . If anything we can keep him healthy and with some confidence still intact , because he can be a valuable backup down the road. Let McClown take the beatings for a while.

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