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As far as I’m concerned we’ve been in tank mode for weeks. How else could you explain the fact that Oneil Cousins is actually starting on our professional football team.Every game he has started in has resulted in the best game of the year for the defender going against him. Again this Sunday with the Panthers DE Johnson.Charles Johnson, DE: +8.9Breakdown: Matched up against Oneil Cousins for much of the game, Johnson took full advantage to produced his highest-graded game of the year so far, by some distance. A sack, two hits and seven hurries were the final tally as he put McCown under as much pressure as possible.Signature Play: Q3, 14:48 remaining. Rounding the edge on Cousins with ease on 3rd-and-15, he sacked McCown, with the QB fumbling the ball in the process.

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