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Read quite a few statements lately about the talent level in this draft be mediocre from GM's, Personnel executives, Scouts, coaches (all of course off the record/no names attached) ...The talent at the Senior bowl was below previous levels - so much so they are going to re-visit the usefulness of it going forward.Most juniors are going when first eligible now...  very few exceptions.Out of this draft Clowney appears to be THE elite talent - but still has question marks...  Who else is an elite talent?Which position is really strong in this draft in your eyes?    I could make an argument for WR (vs other positions.)Just meh...  probably a good year for an olineman?

this is a very good draft actually, it just lacks Elite talent but you will get very talented players in the 4th and possibly 5th round. its VERY VERY deep so there will be guys who could be 2nd rounders most years falling all the way to the 4th quite possibly. the class this year is lacking elite talent but very big on value talent

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