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I'm surprised to see this title. Eveyhin i have heard is that this draft class is exceptionally deep. The only negatives are at Qb because Mariotta and others decided to stay in school. I always listen to the draft tracker podcast on and im pretty sure charles davis picked corner as an early pick for the deepest position. Also Oline is deep and reciever. Some mocks have 7 first round wrs and 3 TEs. Thats crazy!  I disagree with anyone who says this is a weak class. Trade back and get some mid round picks to build this team.

I don't think they're saying it's weak as in there's no talent. There's really no top end, can't miss type prospects like in years past. Aside from Clowney, who ironically is one of the best and most complete defensive prospects in a long long time, there's no other already elite like prospects. There are no Andrew Lucks, Cam Newtons, Calvin Johnsons, Joe Thomas', Trent Richardson types in this draft. That's not to say that the players in this draft won't become great NFL stars in the future though. But teams are really going to have to dig deep.And as far as the QBs who stayed, they wouldn't have made this draft class any better. Especially Mariotta. He's overrated.

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