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for all the drat-time talk of the kid being immature, a hot head etc., he sure did handle Glennon's shortcomings well.  He was open numerous times only to get bad throws, never saw him get visibly upset. IN fact, saw him accept the blame for not catching one.  So far so good with this pick

I agree with what you said. For those that haven't had the opportunity yet, he interviewed after the game and it was enlightening to hear him talk. You could see he was upset, but he said all the right things in my opinion. We all know Glennon underthrew that deep ball that got intercepted, it should have been a touchdown if thrown properly. Mike Evans took accountability, saying he needed to fight back to the ball and make a play on it and that it was on him.

The ball came up short (Mike Glennon took accountability for that), but he had plenty of time to adjust to that.  It was in the air for 50 yards.

as soon as it was in the air Evans became a CB, lol. Terrible throw and yes Evans could have done better to save Glennon, but he shouldn't have even been in that position. The ball was underthrown by a ton

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