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To those that aren't willing to give Glennon a chance due to his lack of production let me show this to you.  Tom Brady did not start his rookie year and did not begin his 2nd year as a starter.  He was named the starter after Drew Bledsoe got hurt.  Here are Brady's 2nd year stats and Glennon's rookie stats- both expanded to 16 games.comp percent  yards  ypa  yards/g  td  td%  int  int%  rating63.9                3032    6.9  189.5    19  4.4  13  2.9    86.5    59.4                3210    6.3  200.6    23  4.6  11  2.2    83.9Please explain to me again why we shouldn't give this kid a chance?  Glennon's rookie stats are almost identical to Brady's 2nd year stats.  Now I am not saying Glennon is the next Brady, but I am saying he has earned the chance to try.

Shall we just ignore the fact that the league is in the process of outlawing defense, something that's started between those 2 seasons.When Brady first started new starters were expected to struggle, today they are expected to step in an perform.

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