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Yes it was a wasted pick – because of what was available with that pick.  After Glennon Terrance Williams, Terron Armstead, Keenan Allen were all taken.  Shortly after, Markus Wheaton, JJ Wilcox, Logan Ryan, Jordan Reed, etc. were all taken.  Terron Armstead is a starting T for the Bucs right now.  Keenan Allen, Terrance Williams, Markus Wheaton are all starting WRs (at worst in slot) for the Bucs even with the Evans pick.Wilcox, Ryan, and Reed are also all starters.There was as lot of talent in the 2013 3rd round, in fact it may outperform the 1st round (or be close) when looking back.  And we took an okay backup.  That's a waste to me, because we can sign an Orton off the street and get much more production than from Glennon.

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