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From his wiki...

Martz was known for aggressive play-calling, and the calls for a pass-happy offense led to quarterback Jay Cutler getting repeatedly sacked. The issue caused Cutler to say to Martz "Tell him I said (censored) him!" in a game against the Minnesota Vikings in 2011.

On January 3, 2012, Martz resigned his position with the Bears.[9] He reportedly resigned over philosophical differences with Bears head coach Lovie Smith. Martz's final year was marked by a 7-3 start until season-ending injuries to quarterback Jay Cutler and running back Matt Forte. On January 16, 2012, Martz announced his retirement from coaching.

Don't think Lovie and Martz will be working together again. LOL

i forgot about that, that can’t be on martz’s wiki and yet it absolutely is

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