Re: Re: Miko Grimes part of the reason Brent was cut


The following tweet just about says it all:mike freeman ?@mikefreemanNFL  1h1 hour agoBillion dollar franchise acting like a player's wife sunk it and not the dumbass decisions it makes.


So a players wife constantly running their mouth about the team their husband plays for isn't toxic? Sounds pretty dumb to me.

“I think everybody knows what she represented. I thought it was best that the Dolphins move on from Brent and Miko.”How is that a franchise acting like "a player's wife sunk it"?  The Dolphins are poorly run and Miko Grimes is a trashy woman who made herself into a distraction to the point it was best for the team to cut her husband. I don't think those two statements are mutually exclusive.

you may be right because we don't know the context. For all we know he listed all their misses before that comment, but  isolated the comment is absurd and comes across exactly as the tweet suggests.

The first part of the Ross quote (being left out of many stories):  "I'm not going to get down to that level,"Indicates he is responding to a reporter's specific question on the subject, imo.  What is absurd about the comment he made?  In what way do you interpret those words to mean the owner feels all his team's problems center around Miko?  The owner cleaned house on his front office and staff as well.

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