Re: Re: MMQB: A study of character (Bosa and Spence mentioned)


Yeah there are huge concerns on Nkemdiche but I feel like I would rather gamble on him than someone on hard drugs (hard meaning anything other than weed). Look I like Nkemdiche more than most but I still would rather take others at 9 than him. Would rather gamble on him in round 2 if he is there but round 1 I would look more for Hargreaves or Buckner (I think those will be BPA at 9).Spence just scares me with the molly stuff. Also, his tape just isn't as good as Nkemdiche IMO. Spence is light and just tries to run around the tackle. I don't see enough from him to take him at 9. Both are risks I get it. Just saying if I had to choose between the two I would go with Nkemdiche because I think he is the better football player and has more upside.

molly is probably less dangerous than synthetic weed.  I got no problem with wanting to gamble on one guy vs the other though.

Yeah you're right either way it's a gamble with these two.

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