Re: Re: MMQB: A study of character (Bosa and Spence mentioned)


Yeah you're right either way it's a gamble with these two.

just about every player is a gamble, almost all these guys have the same talent, it's just who has the brain to go with it?  It's why it's all a guess for us and it's all about reading the person for the GMs.The reason I side with spence is it seems like more of a one time thing.  I realize it was multiple drug tests - but one issue is probably a better description.  And his year at EKU shows a work ethic and humbleness and learning event.  Throwing a bottle at a trashcan one drunk night?  Not too worrisome for a 21year old IMO.  Ndemchicki has a few more flags that I see.  Hustle, K2, his brother, I still wonder how he ended up with ole miss, falling off ledges, production, and last and least he plays the same position as McCoy.If spence really passed every test at EKU I'd be safe to assume he isn't on the Molly train.  But nkemdichiti is never gonna leave his brother, I don't believe any report out there that says otherwise. 

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