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i thought it was read..people forget that Schiano is human and made a mistake not taking his foot of the gas..he realizes that now and should get another chance..

I agree.  The thing I liked most about this story is Schiano's realization that he played a roll in his firing, and is actively trying to better himself in all aspects of life...personal and professional.  I certainly felt bad about how Schiano was publicly treated.  I know he makes a lot of money coaching and that he is ultimately responsible for the team, but too often people forget that these guys are human and that they have families.  People could voice their displeasure in a civil way, but rarely do.  I really hope he gets another HC gig, especially in college. I am a Texas Ex and I really appreciate the leadership Charlie Strong has brought to the Longhorns.  The team may not have improved in terms of record or on field results this season, but the players for sure will have grown as young men, and that is a good thing long term.  I think Greg can have a similar impact, and if I were a school like Michigan, I would be really interested in Greg.  I doubt he gets another pro job unless he is willing to be a coordinator for a few years. 

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