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Uh what?The Broncos have Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas at wr. Just because Manning had an awful arm this year and could not exploit that does not detract away from the fact that the Broncos were a high octane offense 3 years ago when they played in the Super Bowl. That offense caused problems for teams around the league because of Manning AND the mismatches they were able to create with their wrs/TE's.I don't understand why some people take the approach you do. The goal is to fill the team with as many talented players as you can. Each coach has their own philosophy. Carolina philosophy works for them. However, seeing how Dirk Koetter operates, in order for his system to be successful he needs better wr's than UDFA's, a very inconsistent number 1,  and aging wr's that are starting to break down due to injures.

the Broncos have 2 good WRs.  We have 2 good WRs.I agree the goal is to fill the team with talented players.  I just think it's better to have talented linemen than talented skill positions.  Your 2013 Broncos team shows that.I don't agree with how koetter operates.  No one really knows how koetter operates.  Did pamphile play so much because he didn't trust the starting 5?  Or does he just like that extra power and protection game?Every offense needs consistency and health to operate at a Super Bowl level.  Does that mean we should go ahead and part ways with Evans/vjax/Murphy/ASJ now?  I don't believe so.Wasn't fuller pretty inconsistent in college?  Didn't treadwell have an injury history?  Doesn't Coleman catch the ball with his body?  Everyone has issues.  For Winston, I think WRs that understand defenses and know the offense are most important.  I think the team is currently developing humphries, dye, and bell.  Mabye they stick, maybe they don't.

We have 1 good WR who gets banged up and another aging WR who may not have much left in the tank. Addressing a WR in the draft if he is BPA is not a bad way to go.