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If there is a lack of talent on this team to justify this awful product,  then what does one call GMC, David, Banks, Barron, Glennon, Vjax,  and who's responsible for $55 million in FA and complete control of a draft?  If the Glazers were good football people, they would be asking Lovie that yesterday.  Then again, if they were good football people, they would have at the very least given Schiano 6 games this year before considering firing, which would have given him ONE full off-season with the QB of his choosing as the starter.

Sweep, we get it.  You thought Schiano deserved another year.  This has been argued in threads ad nauseum just this season.Let's get back to our normally very productive contributions and stop beating a horse that died a long time ago.  You think Schiano deserved another year and take this season as evidence of that.  Great.  Now let's move on!

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