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I didn’t even watch the game but to this point in the season there’s no way for me to be more disappointed in anyone than I am Lovie/Frazier. I didn’t expect much out of Arroyo but he hasn’t learned a damn thing on the fly, it seems like.I realize we're playing with some bums and some injuries and obviously some of these FAs haven't panned out. We can debate square peg/round hole as far as how our guys fit the scheme til we're blue in the face but the fact of the matter is that the coach's job is to have the players ready to play on gameday. Baltimore had some scrubs out there on the oline and other spots and Harbaugh had his guys ready to play. Indy was playing with a middle of their oline that is completely makeshift and their Pagano had their guys ready to roll.The coaches need to prepare their guys to play, this is ridiculous and a loss like that at home is unacceptable to any team.

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