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Schiano and company sucked and needed to go, point blank and period.I said it all off season that this team will struggle to score points and stay in games.  The defense would "eventually" be solid, but overall it would struggle early.  This is a coaching staff that was doomed from the beginning because of the lack of talent on offense.  While I always thought Lovie was the wrong choice, and still do, the overall problem is the offense.  There really aren't any legitimate NFL-caliber starters (offensively speaking), on this outside of Jackson... and he's not even a given.  Next year has to be, once again, completely committed to offense, specifically QB and OLine.  I expected a 3-13 season, but thought they might steal a couple and get to 5, but that's not looking like the case.  This team is at best a 3-13... assuming they can steal a couple.If I were Licht, I'd be looking for trade partners and sending Martin, Jackson, Clayborn, Mankins, Goldson, and Glennon elsewhere.  Possibly pick up some 3rd thru 6th round picks. 

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