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Sh*tty list, in my opinion.Mine would be....1. Donald Butler. 7 yr deal - 51 mil. Has been terrible.2. Michael Johnson. 5 yr deal - 43mil. Very disappointing.3. Jared Allen. 4 yr deal - 32mil. Straight up phantom.4. Anthony Collins. 5 yr deal - 30 mil. Can't block sh*t.5. Paul Soliai. 5 yr deal - 32 mil. Dude has been getting pushed around like crazy.6. D'Qwell Jackson. 4 yrs - 22mil. Bad vs the run and vs the pass. 7. Chris Clemons. 4 yrs - 17.5mil. Take him out of Seattle...invisible.8. Domata Peko. 2 yrs - 9mil. Has been one of the worst, if not the worst 4-3 DT in the league.9. Lamarr Woodley. 2 yrs - 10mil. Deserving of being on this list, for sure.10. Ryan Clark. 1 yr - 1 mil. Not a terrible deal $ wise, but he has started in every game and has been the worst safety in the league.

chace, screw the list, I want to thank you for bringing back your sig. I do, however, miss the last one in the high heels, she is a knockout. Maybe you can start a calendar.

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