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How quickly we forget that when this team was competing for Superbowls season tickets were sold out with a waiting list .Its a business , indeed , and a business needs to offer a good product if they want people to buy it.

A sold out game here doesn't come close to the revenue of a sold out game in London. The business is offering a product that selling out. What more can any company ask for? I didn't say I liked that fact but the UK is an untapped gold mine for the NFL. They could make BILLIONS in other countries and that's their only way to grow the company as it's hit market saturation in the states. Good try DOLO!

Yet, they have to dangle a carrot to get teams to play in that lucrative venue?

Coaches and players don't like it owners do. It's tough on coaches and players to have a short week and travel that far. Are you really going to keep spinning your wheels knowing you'll never get any traction? Silly monkey!

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