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I'm approaching this like, "if the media reports it, it's not true". So Lovie, Kubiak, others I feel confident thinking they won't be here.

I agree completely. One certainty about the Glazers is that they are stealth. There were various names being tossed about list time we went down this road and no one predicted that they'd pull Schiano outta their asses.....not even DTG. I'm taking every one of Schefter's, Mort's, Clayton's reports with a grain of salt and will wait til i get scoop from my peeps.Stay tuned....

There was the one dude who said (maybe it was DTG) that the hire was going to come out of the New York area. Jersey, York, same thing. Probably the closest anyone came. I also remember people thinking Chip Kelly was an obvious hire but you never really heard about him being here until we gave him the job (and then he left). Can't really think of anyone this go-round that fits that mold. still think Malzhan is the wild card here.

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