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enough with these old school coaches… isn't it obvious that the NFL has changed to a more up tempo and fast pace type?..lets get a (hot) younger coordinator from a good team (that's willing to play the type of game that's being played now days). to take over if we decide to let go of coach Schiano

SF and SEA are not fast up tempo teams...the thing isn't that you have to be all spread formation and no huddle but that you can't have the mindset that you can run and dominate NFL teams on the ground. That doesn't happen. The run is a weapon but it is a subsidiary of the passing attack. You don't have to throw like mad but you'd better pass well when you do pass. That is what SEA and SF do at their best. Throw well, build a lead and then run out the clock. There is nothing wrong with that but what Rutgers wants to do is pound the ball down the field and then take some long shots. That is an offense that won't work because it is a low percentage system. Too boom or bust. Anyone who thinks that:Punting is okWe want to keep it close and win in Q4Should never be an NFL HC again.

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